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Related article: Date : Tue, June 14, 2011 14 36th 38 -0600 From: Andrew Lorenzetti u003candrewgay41 hotmail. Chapter 20, n With Andy Lake 18 years or more to read this story - Broken Tears 20 broken tears : com u003e Subject. Stop, if the idea is repugnant to the relationships between same-sex couples sex , and if so, they are, what the hell are you here? ? Thank you, Stephen, are available for treatment and disposal. All usual disclaimers apply. If you are not supossed to read, , then it should not, but I know I can not stop. * Sigh * All these characters are fictional, all made by me, thank twisted my fantasy, but erotic. I am the author, so obviously I have the history and copyrights. You can only n be distributed or downloaded for personal pleasure with my approval. Hello everyone, I know it's been too long since I've been updated, but I so busy with my studies and go! But now I'm totally done graduated, so I'm going to take months, maybe even more, before college application andThings, so I have more time to write E -mail to: andrewgay41 hotmail. com ------------------------- --------------- --- -------------------------------- --------------- --- ------ Recap - Well, the last chapter was a great trip. Brandon and Ty had a conversation another of his strange feelings for Kyle, Ty confessed that she had been raped to , Ty promised to catch the criminals, and began to Ty and Tom his new relationship, hope for them, ok ! Also, Li and Jermz began their relationship as well. -------------------------------------------- - ------------------------- ---- ********** ***** the first steps were false Vengeance - Chapter 20 *************** [ Ty POV] n went with Kyle my room in the house on the lake, and sat with him to my ​​bed. He looked so vulnerable and broken. This guy really destroyed him. "Kyle... you have to follow a hunch or something to use for this fund ass ", I said as he looked at me, hugging her arms around him isElf. " I- I remember an F -f -football- jacket... " he said sadly, looking down, the eyes of his s crying. " So he's on the football team, right? Was very strong. " I say memory of my own memories of that terrible day. "I want to guess, so... Do not talk about this now, Ty... sorry. " stood to leave the room, but was prevented. " Do not let it come to mind... Do not be afraid to take because if do this, he wins. " He said as he opened the door and left. " He has already won. " He said in a whisper. I heard the footsteps fade as he walked away, and I stood there and thought about my next step. How can catch this motherfucker? I'm trying to think of a plan or something, and then I realized. I know it can be a clue... Brandon has. that stopped the rape if it happened to me. I got out of bed and Brandon Zimmer nervous. I slowly opened the door, and it was he there in bed listening to music on headphones. I shut the door behind me, and looked up and smiled. " FAG want more fat. " He said, grabbed his tail and yanks. "No... I want to talk t 'n " Save yourself, bitch. Fuck out of my room. "I said angrily. To ignore " I want to talk to you about my rape. "I tell him, and immediately stop collar. He took his iPod and break down, took off the headphones, and looked at me sadly. " Oh... Ok. " He said it looked funny, and sat on the edge of your bed. " Did you see his face? " I asked, looking down. " N-no, wearing a mask. I beat him on the floor, and if n will take off, he pushed me, kicked me in the stomach, and disappeared. It was really built with a football shirt, and had a tattoo high in the biceps. would have to roll up their sleeves to see that " it was said that much more useful than I ever thought it would. " Oh, ok... Thanks, Brandon... stoppping for him and he told me. " I him when I got up. " Nevermind. I did what was hisPPOs a... We also have for you. What s that you did was terrible. "He said, looking embarrassed. " I do not blame you for your insults and abuse me. I know you are angry with me, and I understand... Sorry. " I hugged him and left the door " Sorry, " I heard his voice sad, as I went. I've always thought that a tattoo... Well, that makes it are easier Free Preteen Models to identify but still, this type sounds a little dangerous to mess with, but can not harm him no. Kyle is really bad, and they really piss me. I went to my room to see Tom shows bed with my hand behind the head very well built arms. n "Hey, stud," I said, jumping on him and kissed him lightly on the lips. He bit my lip and wrapped his arms around me and took me to tighter to his body. I let out a soft moan and complained of the response. I bit her lower lip, you can laugh now and then, as kissed. I turned away, and he smiled kindlyin me. " I love you, baby. " He said while shaking his nose with me. " I love you too, Tom. " I turned around, and with his back against his chest, was in him, wrapped his arms around me. "Baby, you look stressed. " He said he smelled her hair. " Yes, there are only a couple of things happened to me worried. " I said, trying not to worry. "Now you can help, please let me know if there is any way I am. " said as he closed eyes and walked away. I was resting comfortably against her, and as beautiful as sense of this, was something that just does not feel well... Something that I felt anxious and very uncomfortable. I let my thoughts drift I closed my eyes, relax in your arms and drift. I woke up with Tom shook me a bit. "Baby, wake up. " He said, in my ears as she licked around the earlobe. Let a soft moan and woke up slowly. " Yes?" I asked a little grumpy because I was enjoying my sleep. " Well, today is the last day here at the house on the lake, andWell, we have to be in about three hours, so you should pack our things, so that n is ready when the time comes to go. "He, when he began to get out of bed, he said. " Uugghh. I hate packing. "I said, rolling his eyes when I got up and went in the toilet, where I got the few clothes I brought with me. " God is not like a baby. It took about five shirts, five pants, and tux on... just slide it in your pocket. "He said, shaking his head with a smile. " That's the difference, sir. When you really pack pack and double clothes, not only pull in a canvas bag. "I speak the language outside n him. He ran towards me, grabbed me by the sides, and lifted me up in the air. I laughed, and he came down and gave me a kiss, a quick Peck n. " Well, then I leave for you to make your luxury package. "He kissed me on the cheek and left the room. I started every piece of clothing of drawers, and when I finally got the pants, a letter one of them fell. It was red wiNo letters in black... As one of the rapists n. Tell Kyle to see on the back, because I know so close to strike three, and so, you have the rules after the third strike, he is out. : D Then I move my game , baby. MWAH! I gulped and looked at the paper... What the hell? Are you thinking of Kyle kill, or what? That sounds like it. He will try to rape him last time and then kill him ! Well, I will not let that fool to do , Kyle. I finished my luggage, put the letter in one of the n ' in my bag and went to Kyle 's room. I saw him there s looking out the window. Seemed broken, sad and anxious. " I know... He'll kill me. Right? " He said, looking down. "No... I'm not going to do, dass.. " I say walk away. He looked at me, s eyes are screaming for help. "What I can do?" He asked me to find an answer. " Do you and your family? " I tried to ask for help to find a way out. " I live alone. My cousin moved in the pastWeek, and I can hardly sleep at night n. "He said, looking down. A tear rolled down his eyes and fell to carpet. " Then you have out there... "I grabbed his hands say. " What do you mean ? "I asked, clearly confused. " Out of Canada... I can help. "I said, trying to comfort him. " Yes, but do not tell the police, or at least could get to me. When I'm gone, he will try to... "He told me that my reason to doubt my up. " Well, but we only have letters as evidence, and I bet you do not even have digital prints on them. We have nothing... But if you go, then I can appeal to him, and then I can catch it. I have to be careful, but I. , Also is threatened to death... We suggest that from here. Please let me help. "I said to comfort him quietly. Nodded n and broke into my arms. " Thank you... But where I can go? "I asked with tears freely, as he hugged me tighter to the n. " Well, I can send to England. Free Preteen Models I have a house there... My old house. That o one can live there for a while and forget about all this. One can speak of to your parents if you wish. " I offered. " No... My parents do not even care about me. Emancipated me. Just Give me the money and I 'm practically an adult under the law. "He said, sad, and I hugged him tight. N " Well, you're not alone. I will try, you can talk as much as I , and so you have to leave soon. We do not know when it might psycho decides to attack you. "I say this with admiration, and begins to shake in my arms. N " I do not want to die. " He cried silently in my shoudler. I rubbed his back, , and he seemed to relax. " will not die, and that's a promise. "I whispered as I moved from a hug " Thank you. "He smiled brightly at me. " Do not worry. Now let's get your things so we can leave this house, and to see. the way out of the country as soon as we can, " that smiling. nodded and started to pack their things with a little music play in the room. wedanced around and even moved my ass a little for fun. He was bright, smiling, and seemed to make me feel happy. I I hated when people were sad around me, and has been through sooo much n the past year. I hate when these things happen to good people as Kyle. We finished packing and left the room and then came to me. I grabbed my bag and left the house. Everyone was going to their cars, and Kyle wanted to go with me and Tom. I met Tom my ​​suitcase and hugged him, and smiled our small screen Kyle of affection. Everyone in the car of Tom and put suitcases in the back of the of his truck. I had some difficulty getting the truck has been in a bit high. We arrived and Tom began to move away. It really is a good conductor talk very simple, so everyone had a good time we came back ride home. First, Kyle left home. He had to pack all things, and then meet me in my old house where I livedwith Li Tom and I were smiling to me. Dad and Mark are in the states view of the college and get an apartment of Mark for him to live with Jenni, out as Jermz Li and needs, and Tom and I have the house all the n us. : D It was parked and got out of the car. We went s in the house all laugh, and had no sex... I really wanted to to do with Tom, and he seemed interested in me. He grabbed me by the hand of s brought me to my room. "Baby, are you sure you want to do this?" She asked, blushing, as we have blocked the door and went to bed. The king-size bed was very hot when we were in it. "I wanted since I saw you. They are sooo hot. " They tell me your kissed her lips when she was feeding. He has me, her voluminous , the elegant for my body. His hair covered his head slightly to see that Down On Me, and his hands began to caress me. He rubbed my ​​body with hunger, and he started sucking on her neck and licked the UNtil his tongue in my ear. I moaned as his tongue teased my rags and I wrapped my legs around his waist, which was a grunt from him. hand grabbed her ass, and he pushed me towards him, as he sucked my ear n. I started to moan and tremble under him, and my hands were muscular chest. I grabbed and pinched each nipple hard, and he groaned n in the middle of pain and joy. I started sucking licking my neck as even, and my hands went to the bottom of his shirt. I started drawing, , and he raised his arms. I took off my shirt and show his muscular body, in the chest and abdomen very prominent. As he unbuttoned his shirt, took them off and pulled my pants and my underwear left in him. I used to press the feet his pants down, and ended up naked, his body against me, such as kissed me so hungry. " Free Preteen Models Mmmm, baby, turn me on, how the hell do not imagine !" He said that when kissed me again, pushing my body so we could both body contact as possible. I felt his hand on my ass, and I saw him come to for my nightstand. He opened the drawer and dug into it. He began to seek for something, and he took the oil, took it out, and he smiled Down On Me. " I want this sooo bad. " I told him, he looked up and bit my fingers sensually n. He groaned and stood up. "I wanted this more than a year!" He said when he sprayed lubricant on his cock s. I felt my anus lubricant rubs, and cold. It was rub on me and slowly slid a finger. " ummmmmm. Agghhh. " I was writhing beneath him stretched his fingers in my war idiot. " FUCK! Is strong ! " He said as his fingers entered me. They masturbate to their 8 inch faster with more lubricant, and a little finger to the path s on me, as I moaned and bit my lips. "Give it to me. " I asked. He grinned, and his hands fell to side of my head. He looked Free Preteen Models at me, and a drop of sweat fell on my front, and pointed his cock in my wet hole. that prHe had drive. " Ahmmmmmmmggg " I moaned and tried to keep my mouth shut when it came to with me that the big mushroom head trouble getting to the tail. "Baby, Push -out... Relax. " Groaned, barely able to speak, as he pushed over me. He pushed me and gave a loud Free Preteen Models groan. His cock entered me, , and suddenly I felt his cock slides into me. " AHHHHHH !" I cried and held tight to the sheets as his penis was in my hole and penetrated deep into me. " AGGGGHH, Baby!" He grabbed my shoulders and slammed his cock into my body, screwed my body into his. I complained loudly and pushed mild surprise every time his cock rubbed against my prostate. He grabbed my shoulders harder to ass and get stronger, and I began to fulfill its hard collisions such as his way to his cock inside me. " AHHHH ! Is sooo great!" I moaned as his cock was deep in me. that some circular motions to me and screwed into fat dick. " Like that baby?Damn my dick in your ass I'm sorry little?"He asked me fucking deep, each thrust going deeper makes me cry and moaning in pain and half pleasure. " I like your cock in me. " I moaned as I screwed more and thick. His hands never left my body and I always played, and they grope. I groaned louder, and lowered his lips to mine, and bite me. The kiss was very sloppy and wet and full tongue. I moaned and pushed against him, trying to screw in the tail, , to get more of him in me. "Damn, baby, hungry hole !" He pushed his drive deep into every faucet , and then back in. I arched back and moaned a cry almost as as impaled my ass. " Mmmm, Tom, you are soooo damn goood ! Fuck me hard!" I complained and bit him in the the neck. Something growled and pushed me deeper, and I groaned and lifted me legs. He put my feet behind my head and left completely exposed hole n and open to use it. " Damn, this is sooo fucking hot !" He shouted as he led his cock back n or mypen hole. He hit back to me, so my body rock back. I moaned and tried to crawl out of their hard knocks. " AGHHH " I complained, each Free Preteen Models thrust always difficult. " go anywhere " he moaned as he pushed me down and fucked hard super fast in me, and let his cock into my hole at high speed. His hand slowly started masturbating me, and I screamed in a mixture of the joy and pain through my body. " mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm " I moaned as my cum flowed and hit the tail in the chest, and my semen began to slide his abs. He groaned and began to pushes me, falling into bed as he took deep growl of animals n. " AAAGGGHHHHHHH " He groaned and sprayed his cum in my ass. The crowd was so much that was to push the sides of my departure idiot. He groaned and made a circular motion screws me to its softening temperature from the tap. " Mmmmmmm, sooo goood. " I'm moaning with her Free Preteen Models eyes closed. " Yeahhh. " He said when he fell on the bed and fell asQuick LEEP soon. The worst thing is that after having sex, what happened to us. We slept, but with their backs against the other, Free Preteen Models not embrace, not a hug, a kiss is not, sleep. I felt so far away from him at that time. It was very sad. However, in a way that I missed Brandon... I do not know why, but I miss him. I woke in the middle Free Preteen Models of the night with my phone is ringing, and covered my ​​body and looked at Tom. He was on his side of snoring. I grabbed my phone and read a message. " Hey. It's Kyle. 'm With you is not s old house in minutes. 'll See ". Free Preteen Models u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e 1 month later u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e \\ \\ u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e A month later, Kyle now lives in London. He sent out the day after we met in my old Free Preteen Models house, and Li. He was so happy he was away, s, well, since it was left notes and stuff like that and rapist. Things began to look up... Almost everything, but my relationship Tom. It was strange. After sex, we always felt distant, and was as is odd. I think we both feel guilty what we were doing at the Lake House... Maybe it was... Yes, that was it. Well, Tom and I started to grow apart from one day to another. Yes, we'd love to appear in person, but if alone, that was weird. I once heard Tom mourn in the bathroom when I was sleeping in my house once. Li had moved us, and their relationship to the Jermz seemed to go well. My father was so happy as ever, and Mark and in the U. S.. UU. Jenni and Jeff, that left three of them at the University of New York. I was happy in a way, but my problems with Tom saddens me. " Well, today we have to go on a date. " I said Free Preteen Models to Tom, because in my Sat bed. " We must talk about something... " said Tom in a dead serious tone. "What is it? " I asked, trying to comfort him. I rubbed my biceps with tenderness, but he pushed me. " Is it true you slept with Brandon in the house by the lake? " He asked how he looked at me with anger in his eyes. " Who told you that? " I ask, totally surprised and very embarrassing. " Well, Brendan was from their honeymoon a few weeks ago, and yesterday we have started talking... He saw them come from the halls wearing only Brandon the morning of.... " He said, and looked at me with accusing eyes, and I stood up defensive " Well, I would not have done if you're sleeping with Drew, "I said, show finger on it.... looked at me sadly trapped eyes. "h -h- how do you know ? "He asked me to walk. I was not back to touch me. for" I 've heard him, and then I saw when she began having sex with him. "I said, and looked down. ", but he did for us... "He said, trying to convince himself more than n. " I regret what I did, but at least I acknowledge that I screwed up. That was not for us. She did it because it was hot, and that's all... "I said rolling my eyes and my eyes were watering a bit. " I know I messed up. I've been thinking a lot lately, but not should have lost the only cause. I deceived you, "he said rage. " Go stray? I am not a dog who knows.. "I said bitterly, stood up and grabbed both hands. " You know I love you... "I said softly. " I love you too, but why the fuck Drew? He could have said no... " I refused and sat on my bed. " Because it was hot, and he was practically begging ! But you do not have a fuck someone in the knee to take revenge. This is worse than what I've done. "He said he always on the defensive. " Do not try to blame me if it all out ! "I screamed show my ​​finger on it. " I started it, but there was a great final, "he said, angry. I approached him and shouted. "You're an idiot, you know. "He told me that more and more angry. He pushed me and I landed on my butt. I screamed and held firm, sat on my bed, and looked down and hugged me. \\ \\ n " I 'm sorry baby. "He sat next to me and hugged me close to your body. I let out a small sigh. " What is happening to us ? " I asked, crying on his shoulder. " I do not know kNow... But his tears me too... "I hugged it. N " Do not spend... Why are we so far? " I asked, trying to refuge in their arms. " It's hard to explain, baby. I'm not sure what I no longer feel. I swear I s just want to get just a fucking hit the wall and the response. "He said as he kissed my ​​head. " You'll stay here tonight? " I asked looking at him. He is bright s eyes looking at me and kissed my nose. " No... We have to think about this... " He said he hugged me last time and stood up. " Ok... Good night. "I always said, under my sheets. He turned off the light, n and cried on my pillow. A few minutes later, Li came to my room, not Turn off the lights and sat on my bed. " Are you okay? What is happening ? "They asked how to put my head in her lap, and ran his hands through his hair. " Only Tom and I are separated and do not know why... "I said when I for her and she kissed my forehead. " Baby... She told me that whatBrandon has and what he did with Drew. I you just start with the left foot... "She said, rubbing my cheeks with a gentle smile on his face. " I know that... Perhaps, dass.. What should I do? "I asked how I na Saturday " to sing... You have to sing tomorrow. The theater group sings every week. "He said , a kiss on the cheek. " Thank you, Li "I hugged her face in my chest. " Night. " He rose. n " Nuh uh... You're in my sleep tonight. "I said smiling. " Just do not ask me to do strange things to Tom. "It s, he said, chuckling. " Do not be rude... "I said to forged vomiting. " What? I have no dragon there, you know. "She said, rolled eye n. We embraced and began to drive out to sleep. u003e u003e u003e school the next day u003e u003e u003e u003e walked down the aisle of the theater management school and art Club performance in the auditorium, when Caleb stopped me. I looked with a shy smile. \\ \\ n "Ty... I know our friendship broke... If what I haveHe... Sorry. I want to talk to you about it in detail... "He said, looking down. " I do not blame you, you know.. What really hurts me is that what you did, for themselves. I 'm glad you're beyond that. "I said smiling at her, grabbed me on the wrist and checked for injuries... NONE. D n " Thank you... They are very attentive, and I miss you, as if they believe it is. I do not know if I ever trust again, but I want you n a... Would you like to go to Ben Coffee and talk later after school? " The asked, smiling at me with hope. " Ok... I think I'm ready for it. I have to enter the auditorium ready , but... Later! Amazing stay. "I told him a quick hug as I n ran down the hall. Waved light seedlings, and I hurried to the auditorium , as it began to fill with students. I went on stage and set n tested the microphone with a joke laugh. the people, and some greeted me. I had a few friends than before. it seemed to laugh at me and not I aymore, and when I smiled, he did. It was so awesome! Glad to people around me are happy. : D " Well students, before leaving for the weekend, art and drama the club... Wait, no drama and art Well, what is called, must n called Ty band, though. "said the director, and blushed and laughed. The audience laughed, and my fellow players. Brandon looked at me and winked and smiled and walked to the microphone. " I think I 'm going to take from here. " I say smiling, and smiled most of the from behind and pulled out of the way. " Well, this song is for all those out there who are confused about love... I have the feeling that recently, and well, I hope this song we express that, " I said in my electric guitar and put it in my the shoulder and turn around. California King Bed - Rihanna breast to breast, nose to nose, palm to palm, there would always be that close to the wrist to wrist at the foot of the lips, it felt like the inside of a toe increases so that How come when I getof my fingers, it feels more than the distance among us [ Chorus ] This California King, which is 000 miles apart 10th bet california heart wants these stars for me my king of California face to face cheek to cheek side to sleep beside my side arm Dawn Dusk arm a contract with curtains and a little in the last night here So how comes when I'm on my finger, is more than the distance feelings between us [ Chorus ] in this California King bed, which was 10th bet 000 miles apart an california stars in this heart for me My King of California at the time that could give us as is the return and gave me a finishing touches that made all the best feel, and even then the eyes turn better so confused, I want to ask if you love me, but I do not want to sound weak Maybe I've been California Dreaming [ Chorus ] This California King , which are 000 miles apart 10th bet an california stars in this heart for me My King of California inThis California King, which is 000 miles apart bet 10th california loves the stars of the heart for me, my King of California California King Bed - Rihanna hit me in the guitar solo ! I'm fine, and I opened my eyes to students jumping up and down shouting YEAH! I smiled and gave them the sign of rock with both hands, although there is a cheesy song. There s rock moments that make 'em has gold can! I smiled at the crowd and looked at Tom. He was leaning against the door with a tear looked down. He said, "have a great weekend " into the microphone and gave the the guitar in one of the guys on the team... I left the room and the n to Tom. He looked at me and left the room. " That was for me?" She asked, blushing. " for us... " he said smiling, as he held me tight to him. " Does that mean, dass.. " he said, looking at me. " The fact that we are going... " I finished for him, and he nodded and grabbed my ​​two hands. " I knew it last night. I love you, but the truth is that it was crushing to over a year, so I feel in me more than I fooled... I I love you more as a friend, even though sex is great! "I said with a smile. " I know... I think I might be in love with Brandon... "I said, looking to it. " I know. You said once in my sleep. I cried in the bathroom to on that day... "He said, looking down. " Tom, sorry. I did not want... "He said he hugged him. " Do not worry. I know. "I said, smiling. " So, do you remember love Drew? "I asked to look into his eyes. " No, I did it to satisfy my thirst for you... I think I was with n him... I think. I should start from scratch new relationships, "said smiling. " Well, I'm done with the kids for at least a few months. I want time to I n. "He said, hugging him. " I'll always be here... As a friend, but if you want sex, I am bound. " The kiss my nose, he said. ", you are a fool, you know... I'm glad this sorted. Maybe if hadn"T do we have in the lake house, which would have a shot... " He said s that sad. " Yes, but it would have been worse. We have been deceived something that was not going to end... and maybe miss n Who we are running for the future. " He said , between my two n hands. N " I'll miss you, you know.. You're like the best friend I ever had. " I kissed on the lips again.. No, there was no spark, no fireworks in the beginning... Maybe we actually deceived falling in love... Perhaps in addition to more than a year, our filter feelings for each other until there are no... I saw him in the eyes of s and they both smiled. " I have to go... See you tomorrow at school. " He said through the expiration corridor. I smiled and stood in the hallway. Maybe Tom perfect, the perfect man. You know, to calm, but want danger, passion and risk, and that's what Brandon is. and Not only that tI had the night with Brandon, these kisses. I feel more and still burn my the lips, if I remember... I miss Brandon... And that's just weird. ============================================ ==== =========================== == The next chapter will be up sooon ! I hope you enjoyed this story, as you may have noticed, has Enter a personal meaning. I hope that has given you. : D Thanks for reading, and I hope you like my story so far. If no read my story together in a list, called Aphrodite and the curse. It the past, so you must look up. It is necessary in the first 50 floors. Thanks again, and please e- mail that I andrewgay41 hotmail. com, if as my story. Writer, if I call myself love the feedback, and are not too shy ask personally. Please enter the story I comment. Thank you, Stephen, for editing. You are awesome! N HOPE CHAPTER marked. Stick around because things are going to be Steam About the author Well, hello ! I, Andy. I am the author of this story, and I hope it taste so far. In most of the emails that seem to want to know about me, , like my age, hobbies, etc. Now, I have 18 years, I like to write, as you can imagine me, I love poems and songs, and also to express by words. I want to be a doctor, my favorite color is blue, which looooove Ice is my favorite movie Easy A, and my favorite TV show is, friends! : D I love Chandler, and yes, I kind of have a sense of humor, and that sarcastic wit. : D Well, that's me, and if you have more Do not ask me please e -mail n Love, Andy
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